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No one wants to need a divorce lawyer, but when you do this is the one to hire. My own divorce had all kinds of complications – a (now ex) husband with an all-cash business who swore he'd fight me for custody of our young kids, a paperwork mix-up that called certain dates into question, property to divide under less-than-amicable circumstances. It could have easily become a nightmare in less knowledgeable hands. But Ms. Corcoran advocated ably for me from Day 1 and saw what could have been a quagmire to a swift conclusion. She is professional, knowledgeable and smart. She's the one you want sitting at your table. You'll see on her firm's website that they have all kinds of awards and distinctions. They're well-deserved. When you really need the professionals, this is the firm to get. Ms. Corcoran will do an outstanding job for you.

– Maria

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