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I would highly recommend any of the attorneys in Bob Corcoran's practice because they are HIGHLY ethical, keenly respectful, compassionate and EXTREMELY knowledgeable in all aspects of the divorce process. Over the four years that it took to settle my case, I got to know many of the attorneys very well; namely Sara and Bob Corcoran. What mattered most to me was their HIGH standard of legal ethics which was never compromised even though my adversary ALWAYS operated in an unscrupulous fashion. Since my divorce was highly contentious and prolonged over time — to no fault of this firm — I was exposed to all aspects of the divorce process (some that I did not even know existed). Bob Corcoran was extremely informative and always willing to explain the situation to me in terms that I could understand. He is a true expert in his field. Bob Corcoran also realized the financial burden that my divorce cast upon me; however, there was NEVER a moment in time that I felt Bob took advantage of me financially. They were extremely fair. The firm of Robert T. Corcoran was always easily accessible to me for consultation, conference calls, meetings, etc. As busy as this firm is, in no way, did I ever feel that my case was not as important as that of someone else. Calls were always returned timely. Lastly, for all of the reasons stated above, I would highly recommend this firm.

– Yvonne

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